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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2007] UKAIT 4 Reported Bulgaria
Case title: MK (Accession, effect on asylum-related appeals)
[2007] UKAIT 7 Reported Burma/Myanmar
Case title: TY (Student, satisfactory progress, "course of study")
[2007] UKAIT 5 Reported India
Case title: KL (Student: IDI "warning" about progress)
[2007] UKAIT 6 Reported Ghana
Case title: SA (Work permit refusal not appealable)
[2007] UKAIT 1 Reported Liberia
Case title: SK (FGM, ethnic groups)
[2007] UKAIT 8 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MW (paragraph 276 , long residence, 'lawful residence')
[2007] UKAIT 10 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: SM and others (Entry clearance -, proportionality)
[2007] UKAIT 3 Reported Nigeria
Case title: SK (Illegal entrant: leave to enter)
[2007] UKAIT 2 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: NM (No retrospective cancellation of leave)
[2006] UKAIT 96 Reported Ireland
Case title: ER and Others (EU national ; self-sufficiency, illegal employment)
[2006] UKAIT 92 Reported Iraq
Case title: HM (Policy concessions not Convention recognition)
[2006] UKAIT 90 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: MA (EU national - self-sufficiency , lawful employment)
[2006] UKAIT 91 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: MB (para 317: in country applications)
[2006] UKAIT 94 Reported Mauritius
Case title: YS and SJ ('Degree level' study)
[2006] UKAIT 95 Reported No Country
Case title: CT and Others (Highly skilled migrant - student switching)
[2006] UKAIT 93 Reported India
Case title: KP (Para 317: mothers-in-law)
[2006] UKAIT 89 Reported Nigeria
Case title: FO (Chidren:settlement, OM distinguished)
[2006] UKAIT 88 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: DM (Timing of funding application)
[2006] UKAIT 84 Reported Sudan
Case title: JY (Effect of following AE)
[2006] UKAIT 78 Reported Eritrea
Case title: AH (Failed asylum seekers, involuntary returns)
[2006] UKAIT 80 Reported Nigeria
Case title: BA (321A Immigration Rules mandatory)
[2006] UKAIT 83 Reported Bahamas
Case title: PH (ex-CUKC with UK-born grandmother)
[2006] UKAIT 77 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: OM (AA(1) wrong in law)
[2006] UKAIT 86 Reported Nigeria
Case title: RP (proof of forgery)
[2006] UKAIT 76 Reported Nepal
Case title: KG (Review of current situation)
[2006] UKAIT 79 Reported Eritrea
Case title: WA (Draft related risks updated, Muslim Women)
[2006] UKAIT 85 Reported British Overseas Citizens (BOC)
Case title: NH (Female BOCs, exceptionality, Art 8, para 317)
[2006] UKAIT 87 Reported Nigeria
Case title: PO (Interests of the state , Article 8)
[2006] UKAIT 81 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: HK (Interviewer as advocate: unfair?)
[2006] UKAIT 75 Reported Brazil
Case title: LD (Article 14, Same-sex relationships)
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