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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2003] UKIAT 83 Reported Jamaica
Case title: MA (Home office policy, Abdi, s.65 Appeal)
[2003] UKIAT 84 Reported Algeria
Case title: BM (Procedure rules, Rule 59, Adjudicator determination)
[2003] UKIAT 85 Reported Somalia
Case title: ZL (Abandonment)
[2004] UKIAT 70 Reported Turkey
Case title: MG (Fast track, Accuracy of country material)
[2003] UKIAT 82 Reported Georgia
Case title: IS (Adjudicator, Approach to medical evidence)
[2003] UKIAT 182 Reported Iran
Case title: AS (Christian apostates, Evidence)
[2003] UKIAT 79 Reported Iran
Case title: AG (Christianity, Surendran guidelines)
[2003] UKIAT 80 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: AS (Article 3, Country material)
[2003] UKIAT 81 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: RR (Risk, Christian)
[2003] UKIAT 75 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: MS (Objective situation, At date of decision)
[2003] UKIAT 74 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: VL (Evidence not received, Article 8)
[2003] UKIAT 73 Reported Russia/Russian Federation
Case title: SC (Internal flight alternative, Police)
[2003] UKIAT 72 Reported Turkey
Case title: NU (Credibility, Risk on return)
[2003] UKIAT 178 Reported Algeria
Case title: FM (FIS Amnesty, Seddon report)
[2003] UKIAT 70 Reported Georgia
Case title: TE (Persecution, Sufficiency of protection)
[2003] UKIAT 69 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: FO (Albanians, Article 3)
[2003] UKIAT 67 Reported Albania
Case title: IM (Risk, Objective evidence, Homosexuals)
[2003] UKIAT 68 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: MC (Reliance on unidentified sources)
[2003] UKIAT 64 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: BE (Solicitors without instructions to withdraw)
[2003] UKIAT 65 Reported Burundi
Case title: N (Hutus, Article 3)
[2003] UKIAT 66 Reported Turkey
Case title: RY (HADEP, Risk on Return, Standard of Proof)
[2003] UKIAT 62 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: MC (Adjudicator, Bias, Personal Knowledge)
[2003] UKIAT 63 Reported Eritrea
Case title: RA (Appeals procedure, Immigration and Asylum Act 1999)
[2003] UKIAT 61 Reported Turkey
Case title: HA (Remittal, Reading Previous Determination)
[2003] UKIAT 60 Reported Albania
Case title: DC (Article 3, Article 8)
[2003] UKIAT 58 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: NL (Mozu, Facts)
[2003] UKIAT 59 Reported Vietnam
Case title: HN (Minors, Article 8)
[2000] UKIAT 1 Reported Kosovo
Case title: FD (Protection, UNMIK, Arif, IFA, Article 1 D)
[2003] UKIAT 199 Reported Cameroon
Case title: P (Risk, Failed asylum seekers)
[2003] UKIAT 56 Reported Egypt
Case title: A (Christian, Persecution, Protection)
Displaying Decision 37801 - 37830 of 38124 in total (most recent first)