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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
AA/03881/2013 Unreported
DA/00525/2013 Unreported
DA/01554/2013 Unreported
DA/01848/2013 Unreported
DA/01291/2013 Unreported
OA/19933/2012 Unreported
IA/21625/2012 Unreported
IA/16570/2013 Unreported
IA/22940/2013 Unreported
IA/22743/2012 Unreported
IA/27194/2012 & IA/21802/2012 Unreported
OA/04469/2013 Unreported
OA/10714/2012 Unreported
[2014] UKUT 104 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R(on the application of Kumar and Another) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (acknowledgement of service; Tribunal arrangements)(IJR)
DA/01083/2013 & DA/01084/2013 Unreported
DA/01417/2013 Unreported
DA/00169/2013 Unreported
DA/01584/2013 Unreported
IA/14594/2013 Unreported
AA/09771/2013 Unreported
IA/21199/2012 & IA/21200/2012 Unreported
OA/04787/2013 Unreported
IA/21844/2012 & IA/21852/2012 Unreported
[2014] UKUT 85 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Shahzad (Art 8: legitimate aim)
AA/08913/2013 Unreported
DA/01414/2013 Unreported
OA/12687/2012 & OA/12700/2012 Unreported
OA/16940/2012 & OA/16941/2012 Unreported
IA/24510/2013 Unreported
OA/01465/2013 Unreported
Displaying Decision 38611 - 38640 of 42044 in total (most recent first)