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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2008] UKAIT 23 Reported Iraq
Case title: KH (Article 15(c) Qualification Directive)
[2008] UKAIT 25 Reported Nigeria
Case title: GO (Right of appeal: ss 89 and 92)
[2008] UKAIT 27 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AA (Spent convictions)
[2008] UKAIT 26 Reported Iraq
Case title: NM (Disability discrimination)
[2008] UKAIT 24 Reported India
Case title: TS (Working Holidaymaker: no third party support)
[2008] UKAIT 28 Reported Kenya
Case title: EN and AN (EEA reg 12: British citizens)
[2008] UKAIT 21 Reported Uganda
Case title: VW and MO (Article 8, insurmountable obstacles)
[2008] UKAIT 17 Reported Bulgaria
Case title: EA (EEA: 3 months residence)
[2008] UKAIT 18 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AB (Third-party provision of accomodation)
[2008] UKAIT 16 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: PA (Student's family: third-party support)
[2008] UKAIT 19 Reported Kenya
Case title: LK (EEA Regulation 10(3), “direct descendant”, “attending”)
[2008] UKAIT 45 Reported Macedonia
Case title: BP (DP3/96 , Unmarried Partners)
[2008] UKAIT 15 Reported Nigeria
Case title: EG (post-hearing internet research)
[2008] UKAIT 14 Reported Lebanon
Case title: MM and FH (Stateless Palestinians, KK, IH, HE CG reaffirmed)
[2008] UKAIT 43 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: PK (EEA regs: Jia)
[2008] UKAIT 12 Reported Pakistan
Case title: RS and SS (Exclusion of appellant from hearing)
[2008] UKAIT 11 Reported Lebanon
Case title: GK (Long residence, immigration history)
[2008] UKAIT 9 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: RT (medical reports, causation of scarring)
[2008] UKAIT 10 Reported Cameroon
Case title: CT (Rule 60(i), student entry clearance?)
[2008] UKAIT 20 Reported Somalia
Case title: MK (Family reunion policy: scope)
[2008] UKAIT 7 Reported Eritrea
Case title: RZ (Eurodac, fingerprint match, admissable)
[2008] UKAIT 22 Reported Somalia
Case title: HH and Others (Mogadishu: armed conflict: risk)
[2008] UKAIT 6 Reported Jamaica
Case title: KJ ("Own or occupy exclusively")
[2008] UKAIT 8 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: JF (Para 320 refusal; substantive rule?)
[2008] UKAIT 1 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: RN (rule 23(5): respondent's duty)
[2008] UKAIT 4 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: TR (Reg 8(3) EEA Regs 2006)
[2008] UKAIT 3 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AA and Others (Highly skilled migrants: legitimate expectation)
[2007] UKAIT 97 Reported Albania
Case title: AN and NN (s.83, asylum grounds only)
[2007] UKAIT 94 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: HS (returning asylum seekers)
[2007] UKAIT 96 Reported Nigeria
Case title: OA (Alleged forgery, section 108 procedure)
Displaying Decision 38941 - 38970 of 40119 in total (most recent first)