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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2005] UKAIT 134 Reported Burundi
Case title: SJ (Knowledge of Kirundi)
[2005] UKAIT 141 Reported India
Case title: PP and SP (Paragraph 252, Effect Of Deletion)
[2005] UKAIT 132 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: LS (EEA Regulations 2000, Meaning of 'Dependent')
[2005] UKAIT 133 Reported Tunisia
Case title: AL (Fast Track, s.103D Funding Precluded)
[2005] UKAIT 131 Reported Ghana
Case title: EB (Fresh evidence, Fraud, Directions)
[2005] UKAIT 129 Reported Sudan
Case title: MS (Reconsideration, Discontinuance by Secretary of State)
[2005] UKAIT 130 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: DM (Evidence not relied on before ECO)
[2005] UKAIT 126 Reported Eritrea
Case title: YF (Pre-commencement remittal, Basis of reconsideration)
[2005] UKAIT 123 Reported Burundi
Case title: AM (Risks in, Bujumbura area)
[2005] UKAIT 125 Reported Uganda
Case title: RI (EC law, Chen, Effect on proportionality)
[2005] UKAIT 164 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: HH (Medical Evidence, Effect of Mibanga)
[2005] UKAIT 128 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: AC (Regularisation Period, Rights of appeal)
[2005] UKAIT 127 Reported Algeria
Case title: MA (DP3/96, Interpretation)
[2005] UKAIT 124 Reported Somalia
Case title: AC (Witness with refugee status, Effect)
[2005] UKAIT 121 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: GS (Article 8, Public interest not a fixity)
[2005] UKAIT 122 Reported China
Case title: LL (Falun Gong, Convention reason, Risk)
[2005] UKAIT 120 Reported Iran
Case title: HS (Homosexuals, Minors, Risk on return)
[2005] UKAIT 119 Reported Iran
Case title: AT (Homosexuals, need for discretion?)
[2005] UKAIT 150 Reported Somalia
Case title: DM (Majority clan can protect)
[2005] UKIAT 118 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: AB and DM (Risk categories reviewed, Tutsis added)
[2005] UKIAT 117 Reported Iran
Case title: RM and BB (Homosexuals)
[2005] UKAIT 115 Reported Iran
Case title: MM (Section 8: commencement)
[2005] UKAIT 116 Reported Iran
Case title: SM (Section 8: judge's process)
[2005] UKAIT 113 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: MG (Assessing interference with private life)
[2005] UKAIT 114 Reported Sudan
Case title: LM (Relocation, Khartoum, AE reaffirmed)
[2005] UKIAT 112 Reported United States of America
Case title: Moon (Human rights, Entry clearance, Proportionality)
[2005] UKIAT 111 Reported Iraq
Case title: SM, AH, SI (Kurds, Protection, Relocation)
[2005] UKAIT 142 Reported Romania
Case title: GC (Legitimate Expectation, Entry Clearance)
[2005] UKAIT 102 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: JT (Tutsi, Failed asylum seekers, Evidence)
[2005] UKIAT 109 Reported Iran
Case title: KF (Removal directions, Statelessness)
Displaying Decision 39271 - 39300 of 40186 in total (most recent first)