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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2012] UKUT 118 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of AM) v Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (AAJR)
[2012] UKUT 15 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: MT (Article 1F (a) - aiding and abetting)
[2012] UKUT 56 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: SC (Article 8 - in accordance with the law)
[2012] UKUT 58 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Kamran (UK NARIC - incorporation in rules)
[2012] UKUT 57 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Fiaz (cancellation of leave to remain - fairness)
[2012] UKUT 40 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Naz (subsisting marriage – standard of proof)
[2012] UKUT 41 Reported Sudan
Case title: Goudey (subsisting marriage – evidence)
[2011] UKUT 487 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: LZ (homosexuals)
[2012] UKUT 38 Reported Greece
Case title: Papajorgji (EEA spouse - marriage of convenience)
[2012] UKUT 39 Reported India
Case title: Philipson (ILR- not PBS: evidence)
[2012] UKUT 14 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Naved (Student - fairness - notice of points)
[2012] UKUT 46 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Masih (deportation – public interest – basic principles)
[2012] UKUT 16 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: AA (unattended children)
[2011] UKUT 486 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: Mehmud (timing of deportation notice)
[2011] UKUT 485 Reported Mauritius
Case title: Daby (Forgery;appeal allowed;subsequent applications)
[2011] UKUT 505 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (ota JS) and R (ota YK) v Birmingham City Council (AAJR)
[2011] UKUT 484 Reported India
Case title: Patel (consideration of Sapkota - unfairness )
[2011] UKUT 482 Reported Nigeria
Case title: Wusa (para 159A(ii):"Connection")
[2011] UKUT 481 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: Haque (adjournment for asylum interview)
[2011] UKUT 483 Reported Jamaica
Case title: T (entry clearance - s.55 BCIA 2009)
[2011] UKUT 474 Reported Nigeria
Case title: Idezuna (EEA -permanent residence)
[2011] UKUT 475 Reported India
Case title: MK (best interests of child)
[2011] UKUT 476 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: Aswatte (fiancé(e)s of refugees)
[2011] UKUT 445 Reported Somalia
Case title: AMM and others (conflict; humanitarian crisis; returnees; FGM)
[2011] UKUT 472 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Mumtaz (s.85A commencement order : adjournment hearing)
[2011] UKUT 473 Reported Malawi
Case title: Kabaghe (removal- no consideration of paragraph 395C)
[2011] UKUT 443 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: Nare (evidence by electronic means)
[2011] UKUT 444 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Hayat (nature of Chikwamba principle)
[2011] UKUT 442 Reported Egypt
Case title: Boktor and Wanis (late application for permission)
[2011] UKUT 431 Reported Ghana
Case title: Oppong (visitor:length of stay)
Displaying Decision 39361 - 39390 of 40830 in total (most recent first)