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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2002] UKIAT 5842 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: BK (Risk, Return, General)
[2002] UKIAT 5810 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: GA (Risk, Bihari)
[2002] UKIAT 5806 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: MN (Return, Policy, War veterans)
[2002] UKIAT 5788 Reported Iraq
Case title: RG (Sufficiency of protection, Honour killings, KAA)
[2002] UKIAT 5778 Reported Albania
Case title: FD (Sufficency of protection, Police officer)
[2002] UKIAT 5720 Reported Somalia
Case title: AA (Risk, Geledi, Benadiri Clan)
[2002] UKIAT 5750 Reported Croatia
Case title: BN (War crimes, Ethnic Serb, Fair trial)
[2002] UKIAT 5736 Reported Colombia
Case title: HR (UP - FARC)
[2002] UKIAT 5714 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MM (Ahmadi, Internal relocation)
[2002] UKIAT 5689 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: HG (Risk, Eritrean)
[2002] UKIAT 6480 Reported Latvia
Case title: MC (Persecution, Police, Roma)
[2002] UKIAT 5654 Reported Turkey
Case title: MS (Risk, Homosexual)
[2002] UKIAT 5631 Reported Pakistan
Case title: SA (Fair trial, Prison conditions)
[2002] UKIAT 5660 Reported Iran
Case title: FM (Risk, Homosexual, Illegal departure)
[2002] UKIAT 5588 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: FS (Camps, Vulnerable group, Woman)
[2002] UKIAT 5613 Reported Croatia
Case title: SK (Return, Ethnic Serb)
[2002] UKIAT 5547 Reported Kosovo
Case title: AI (Mixed Ethnicity - Albanian/Kosovo)
[2002] UKIAT 5518 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: BN (MDC)
[2002] UKIAT 5520 Reported Somalia
Case title: HF (Persecution, Discrimination, Yibir, Occupation, Caste)
[2002] UKIAT 5491 Reported Turkey
Case title: YK (PSG, Woman)
[2002] UKIAT 5407 Reported Nepal
Case title: RS (Relocation, Maoists)
[2002] UKIAT 5410 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: H (Fair trial)
[2002] UKIAT 5345 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: 14 (Kabul, Pashtun)
[2002] UKIAT 5271 Reported Iraq
Case title: YJ (Non-Kurdish speakers in KAA)
[2002] UKIAT 5260 Reported Russia/Russian Federation
Case title: AV (IFA, Mixed ethnicity relationship, Russia / Chechen)
[2002] UKIAT 5258 Reported Colombia
Case title: RM (Internal relocation, FARC)
[2002] UKIAT 5220 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: PK (Article 8, Return, Marriage, Refugee)
[2002] UKIAT 5243 Reported Eritrea
Case title: DK (Ethiopian, Eritrean, Return, Eritrea)
[2002] UKIAT 5241 Reported Nepal
Case title: GC (Relocation, Maoists)
[2002] UKIAT 5237 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: AE FE (PTSD, Internal relocation)
Displaying Decision 41581 - 41610 of 41750 in total (most recent first)