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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2002] UKIAT 3796 Reported Russia/Russian Federation
Case title: OA (Internal Flight Alternative, Unduly harsh, Chechens)
[2002] UKIAT 3662 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: RN (Risk - Connections with Mobutu)
[2002] UKIAT 3683 Reported China
Case title: HL (Risk, Return, Snakeheads)
[2002] UKIAT 3608 Reported Iraq
Case title: DK (Sufficiency of protection, KAA, Blood feud)
[2002] UKIAT 3571 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: KB (Article 3, Health, Medical Facilities)
[2002] UKIAT 3576 Reported Iraq
Case title: TK (Article 3, Blind person, KAA, Prison condition)
[2002] UKIAT 3516 Reported Kosovo
Case title: FJ (Proportionality, Kosovo)
[2002] UKIAT 3528 Reported Turkey
Case title: MU (Documentation, Nufus Card)
[2002] UKIAT 3520 Reported Kosovo
Case title: AT (Medical facilities, PTSD)
[2002] UKIAT 3444 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: PT (Risk, Bribery, Release)
[2002] UKIAT 3387 Reported India
Case title: BK (Risk, Adultery, PSG)
[2002] UKIAT 3392 Reported Algeria
Case title: AD (Return, Garde a vu)
[2002] UKIAT 3342 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: LS (Persecution, CIO)
[2002] UKIAT 3402 Reported Kenya
Case title: JW (Fear, Sufficency of protection, Mungiki)
[2002] UKIAT 3340 Reported India
Case title: SS (Moslem, False charges)
[2002] UKIAT 3285 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: PO (Risk, Return, General)
[2002] UKIAT 3308 Reported Macedonia
Case title: MS (Risk, Homosexuality, Militay service)
[2002] UKIAT 3140 Reported Ivory Coast
Case title: TD-K JK (Relocation of ex-President bedie)
[2002] UKIAT 3295 Reported China
Case title: WC (Illegal departure, Failed asylum seeker)
[2002] UKIAT 3219 Reported Colombia
Case title: FJ (FARC Convention Reason)
[2002] UKIAT 3133 Reported Latvia
Case title: JM (Sufficency of protecion, Ethnic Russian)
[2002] UKIAT 3158 Reported Colombia
Case title: LR (Persecution, Vendetta)
[2002] UKIAT 3169 Reported Somalia
Case title: AM (Bajuni, Somali speaker, Kibajuni speaker)
[2002] UKIAT 3061 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: PS (Risk, Mixed ethnicity, Tutsi)
[2002] UKIAT 3012 Reported Kosovo
Case title: MZ (Rape, Stigma, UNHCR advice)
[2002] UKIAT 3085 Reported China
Case title: SL (Military service)
[2002] UKIAT 2869 Reported Kosovo
Case title: SS (IFA, Relocation)
[2002] UKIAT 2884 Reported India
Case title: SA (Kashmiri, Muslim, Activism)
[2002] UKIAT 2843 Reported Lithuania
Case title: AS (Sufficiency of protection)
[2002] UKIAT 2819 Reported Bosnia and Herzegovina
Case title: SJ (Article 8, Proportionality, PTSD, Bosnian Muslim, Medical facilities)
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