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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2002] UKIAT 3085 Reported China
Case title: SL (Military service)
[2002] UKIAT 2869 Reported Kosovo
Case title: SS (IFA, Relocation)
[2002] UKIAT 2884 Reported India
Case title: SA (Kashmiri, Muslim, Activism)
[2002] UKIAT 2843 Reported Lithuania
Case title: AS (Sufficiency of protection)
[2002] UKIAT 2819 Reported Bosnia and Herzegovina
Case title: SJ (Article 8, Proportionality, PTSD, Bosnian Muslim, Medical facilities)
[2002] UKIAT 2773 Reported Congo Brazzaville
Case title: DP (Risk, Lissouba Region)
[2002] UKIAT 2727 Reported Kosovo
Case title: IM (Medical facilities, Bensaid)
[2002] UKIAT 2691 Reported Sudan
Case title: MH & Others (Article 3, FGM)
[2002] UKIAT 2642 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AZ (Risk, Ahmadi)
[2002] UKIAT 2583 Reported Turkey
Case title: MO (McDowall, Reviewed, Objectivity)
[2002] UKIAT 2544 Reported Estonia
Case title: AP (Return)
[2002] UKIAT 2563 Reported Turkey
Case title: DS (Risk, ODP)
[2002] UKIAT 2465 Reported Colombia
Case title: MZ (PSG, Informers, Political opinion)
[2002] UKIAT 2448 Reported Kosovo
Case title: SQ (Delay, Minor)
[2002] UKIAT 2385 Reported Sudan
Case title: MS (DUP, Activities abroad)
[2002] UKIAT 2340 Reported China
Case title: DS (Persecution, Risk, Return)
[2002] UKIAT 2345 Reported Kosovo
Case title: EL (Ex-minor, ELR, Return)
[2002] UKIAT 2246 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: MN (Risk, MDC)
[2002] UKIAT 2239 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MI (Fair trial, Pre-trial conditions)
[2002] UKIAT 2130 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: RG (Risk, Return, Sikh)
[2002] UKIAT 1995 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: AA (Bihari, Camps)
[2002] UKIAT 1973 Reported Algeria
Case title: HOY (Risk, Terrorism)
[2002] UKIAT 1869 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: TJ (Risk, Returns)
[2002] UKIAT 1845 Reported Czech Republic
Case title: MH (Sufficency of protection, Roma, Svazas)
[2002] UKIAT 1807 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: ES (MDC)
[2002] UKIAT 1708 Reported Nigeria
Case title: BL (Ogboni cult, Protection, Relocation)
[2002] UKIAT 1704 Reported Algeria
Case title: MB (Article 2, Article 3)
[2002] UKIAT 1547 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: CB (Detailed appraisal, Objective evidence)
[2002] UKIAT 1518 Reported Angola
Case title: AA (Risk, Return, Luandan)
[2002] UKIAT 1478 Reported China
Case title: XH (Illegal departure, Risk, Return)
Displaying Decision 41881 - 41910 of 41952 in total (most recent first)