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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2004] UKIAT 147 Reported Eritrea
Case title: AI (Jehovah's witness, Risk if "committed")
[2004] UKIAT 188 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: AB (Ashkaelia)
[2004] UKIAT 148 Reported Vietnam
Case title: BV (Unaccompanied minor, Timing of decision)
[2004] UKIAT 124 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: YV (Fresh credibility evidence)
[2004] UKIAT 149 Reported Georgia
Case title: TK (Consideration of prior determination)
[2004] UKIAT 134 Reported Eritrea
Case title: AG (Late service of respondent's notice)
[2004] UKIAT 174 Reported Somalia
Case title: MY (Disputed Somali nationality)
[2004] UKIAT 122 Reported Turkey
Case title: AC (Deportation, Article 8, Appellant)
[2004] UKIAT 133 Reported Tajikistan
Case title: NA (Kyrgyz woman)
[2004] UKIAT 118 Reported Israel
Case title: BA (Perceived bias, Israel - Gaza)
[2004] UKIAT 123 Reported Turkey
Case title: BA (Persistent questioning by adjudicator)
[2004] UKIAT 249 Reported Iraq
Case title: NA (Kurd, Internal flight to south)
[2004] UKIAT 132 Reported Israel
Case title: SY (Israel, Jewish & Muslim marriage, Risk, Protection)
[2004] UKIAT 151 Reported Libya
Case title: KK (Failed asylum seeker)
[2004] UKIAT 119 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: ST (Corroboration, Kasolo)
[2004] UKIAT 116 Reported Nepal
Case title: DG (Extortion by Maoists, Internal flight)
[2004] UKIAT 163 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: RS (Well founded fear, LTTE, Exceptional case?)
[2004] UKIAT 115 Reported Albania
Case title: VD (Trafficking)
[2004] UKIAT 117 Reported Iraq
Case title: KR (Perceived bias, Fair hearing)
[2004] UKIAT 135 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: AM (Really serious consequences)
[2004] UKIAT 283 Reported Pakistan
Case title: SN and HM (Divorced women, Risk on return)
[2004] UKIAT 114 Reported Belarus
Case title: IS (Fair hearing, Natural justice)
[2004] UKIAT 113 Reported Eritrea
Case title: LA (Section 83(2) appeals, Human Rights)
[2004] UKIAT 175 Reported Turkey
Case title: LT (Internal flight, Registration system)
[2004] UKIAT 120 Reported Cuba
Case title: OM (Cuba, returning dissident)
[2004] UKIAT 121 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: AU (Adjournment, Variation of grounds, Bihari)
[2004] UKIAT 150 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: IB and TK (Sikhs, Risk on return, Objective evidence)
[2004] UKIAT 112 Reported Palestinian Territories
Case title: MA (Lebanon, Palestine, Fear, Fatah, Relocation)
[2004] UKIAT 187 Reported Czech Republic
Case title: JB (Protection, Roma, Well founded fear)
[2004] UKIAT 111 Reported Liberia
Case title: JM (Monrovia, Risk on return)
Displaying Decision 13621 - 13650 of 14202 in total (most recent first)