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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
OA/05938/2013 Unreported
OA/14495/2013 & ors Unreported
OA/22732/2012 Unreported
OA/24230/2012 Unreported
DA/01787/2013 Unreported
OA/10145/2013 & ors Unreported
DA/02490/2013 Unreported
OA/18651/2013 & ors Unreported
IA/49387/2013 & ors Unreported
IA/44486/2013 Unreported
IA/06662/2014 Unreported
DA/02541/2013 Unreported
IA/46378/2013 Unreported
IA/17081/2013 & IA/17085/2013 Unreported
OA/07949/2013 Unreported
VA/05641/2013 & VA/05642/2013 Unreported
IA/25995/2013 Unreported
IA/30329/2013 Unreported
IA/47477/2013 & IA/38691/2013 & IA/47478/2013 Unreported
IA/51608/2013 & IA/00141/2014 Unreported
OA/01731/2013 Unreported
VA/00930/2013 Unreported
VA/14880/2013 Unreported
OA/18530/2012 & Ors. Unreported
[2014] UKUT 376 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of Miguel Nesta Cover) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (IJR)
[2014] UKUT 392 Reported Portugal
Case title: MG (prison-Article 28(3) (a) of Citizens Directive)
IA/32631/2013 Unreported
IA/41027/2013 Unreported
OA/14054/2013 Unreported
IA/01879/2014 Unreported
Displaying Decision 28651 - 28680 of 33886 in total (most recent first)