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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2005] UKIAT 26 Reported Nigeria
Case title: OA and OA (Intention to co-habit: "intervening devotion")
[2005] UKIAT 21 Reported Kenya
Case title: MN (Findings on sexuality)
[2005] UKIAT 45 Reported Iraq
Case title: JA (Ethnic Palestinian, Iraq, Objective Evidence)
[2005] UKIAT 48 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: ST (Minor, Age dispute)
[2005] UKIAT 44 Reported Pakistan
Case title: TM (Views of ECO, Weight Attached)
[2005] UKIAT 19 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: MM (DRC, Plausibility)
[2005] UKIAT 40 Reported Somalia
Case title: HM (Somali women, Particular social group)
[2005] UKIAT 18 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AK and SA (Carers concession, Indefinite leave sought)
[2005] UKIAT 41 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: KH (Afghanistan, Bahai faith)
[2005] UKIAT 43 Reported Eritrea
Case title: AT (Return to Eritrea, Article 3)
[2005] UKIAT 28 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: SA (Absence of party, Late Evidence)
[2005] UKIAT 57 Reported Nigeria
Case title: VE (Racial discrimination)
[2006] UKAIT 5 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: TM (s94 Certificate: Jurisdiction)
[2005] UKIAT 13 Reported Jamaica
Case title: MA (Prove Destitution)
[2005] UKIAT 14 Reported Turkey
Case title: AG (Turkey, CA, Fresh Evidence)
[2005] UKIAT 15 Reported Eritrea
Case title: AH (Determination without hearing, mistake)
[2005] UKIAT 16 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: FI and others (Bangladesh, Presumptions, Marriage, Legitimacy)
[2005] UKIAT 11 Reported Philippines
Case title: DC (Interview through interpreter, Language ability?)
[2005] UKIAT 20 Reported Dominica
Case title: RA (Returning resident: scope of exception)
[2005] UKIAT 5 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: YK and RL (Kosovo, Risk to homosexuals)
[2005] UKIAT 10 Reported Turkey
Case title: KC (Adjudicator wrongly obtaining post-hearing evidence)
[2005] UKIAT 6 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: ST (NS Case, Scope of appeal)
[2005] UKIAT 4 Reported Lebanon
Case title: BS (Palestinian, Lebanon, Relocation)
[2005] UKIAT 9 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: IS (Concession made by representative)
[2005] UKIAT 7 Reported Saudi Arabia
Case title: SA (Pragmatism, No basis for decision, Paragraph 206 HC 395)
[2005] UKIAT 12 Reported Uganda
Case title: FM (Articles 3/8 in medical cases)
[2005] UKIAT 3 Reported Somalia
Case title: MS (Inability to make entry clearance application)
[2005] UKIAT 51 Reported China
Case title: PW (Tibetan, Failed Asylum seekers, Risk)
[2005] UKIAT 1 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: BK (Kosovo, Subesh)
[2005] UKIAT 2 Reported India
Case title: HG and RG (India, Special Voucher Rules)
Displaying Decision 30571 - 30600 of 31378 in total (most recent first)