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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2009] UKAIT 51 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: SA (long residence concession)
[2009] UKAIT 46 Reported Nigeria
Case title: PO (Trafficked women)
[2009] UKAIT 45 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: NM (Christian converts)
[2009] UKAIT 55 Reported Nigeria
Case title: AA (paras 131A-1:switching)
[2009] UKAIT 50 Reported Netherlands
Case title: G W (EEA reg 21: ‘fundamental interests’)
[2009] UKAIT 44 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: GS (Article 15(c), Indiscriminate violence)
[2009] UKAIT 42 Reported Bulgaria
Case title: IP and Others (A2 national, worker authorisation, exemptions)
[2009] UKAIT 47 Reported Nigeria
Case title: PO (Points based scheme: maintenance: loans)
[2009] UKAIT 43 Reported Albania
Case title: KB (para 320(7A): "false representations")
[2009] UKAIT 41 Reported Somalia
Case title: MS and Others (family reunion: "in order to seek asylum")
[2009] UKAIT 39 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: MA (Illegal entrants, not para 395C)
[2009] UKAIT 36 Reported Albania
Case title: MK (Lesbians)
[2009] UKAIT 35 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: MI (Hazara, Ismaili, associate of Nadiri family)
[2009] UKAIT 37 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: MM (Tier 1 PSW; Art 8; "private life")
[2009] UKAIT 32 Reported Republic of Korea
Case title: SK (Tier 1, Transitional provision, maintenance)
[2009] UKAIT 34 Reported Nigeria
Case title: LO (Partner of EEA national)
[2009] UKAIT 31 Reported Pakistan
Case title: NA and Others (Cambridge College of Learning)
[2009] UKAIT 33 Reported India
Case title: PV and Others (BOC, maintenance, Article 8)
[2009] UKAIT 38 Reported Iraq
Case title: SR (Iraqi Arab Christian, relocation to KRG)
[2009] UKAIT 28 Reported China
Case title: ZC and Others (Risk, illegal exit, loan sharks)
[2009] UKAIT 29 Reported Iran
Case title: MM (Status of recognised mandate refugees)
[2009] UKAIT 27 Reported China
Case title: HC and RC (Trafficked women)
[2009] UKAIT 25 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: NA and Others (Tier 1 Post-Study Work, funds)
[2009] UKAIT 30 Reported Poland
Case title: JL (A8 worker, lawful employment)
[2009] UKAIT 23 Reported Algeria
Case title: AF (Terrorist Suspects, HS (Algeria) confirmed)
[2009] UKAIT 24 Reported Italy
Case title: LG and CC (EEA Regs: residence; imprisonment; removal)
[2009] UKAIT 22 Reported India
Case title: KAN (Post-Study Work, degree award required)
[2009] UKAIT 20 Reported Bulgaria
Case title: SH (A2 nationals, worker authorisation exemption)
[2009] UKAIT 18 Reported Somalia
Case title: HA (Conduct of hearing: evidence required)
[2009] UKAIT 17 Reported Burma/Myanmar
Case title: TL and Others (sur place activities, risk)
Displaying Decision 31321 - 31350 of 32612 in total (most recent first)