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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2008] UKAIT 65 Reported Uganda
Case title: JM (homosexuality: risk)
[2008] UKAIT 49 Reported Kenya
Case title: VM (FGM, risks, Mungiki, Kikuyu/Gikuyu)
[2008] UKAIT 53 Reported Pakistan
Case title: SB (family visit appeal: brother-in-law?)
[2008] UKAIT 47 Reported Lebanon
Case title: WD (Lebanon, Palestinian, risk)
[2008] UKAIT 48 Reported Algeria
Case title: HS (Terrorist suspect, risk)
[2008] UKAIT 50 Reported Sudan
Case title: AY (Political parties, SCP, risk)
[2008] UKAIT 46 Reported Iraq
Case title: NA (Palestinians , risk)
[2008] UKAIT 36 Reported China
Case title: JC (double jeopardy: Art 10 CL)
[2008] UKAIT 44 Reported Iran
Case title: HJ (homosexuality: reasonably tolerating living discreetly)
[2008] UKAIT 55 Reported India
Case title: CD (s.10 curtailment: right of appeal)
[2008] UKAIT 40 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MM (allowed appeal: further refusal)
[2008] UKAIT 41 Reported Jamaica
Case title: MD (HC 395: 'two years')
[2008] UKAIT 39 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: MH (Working holidaymaker: intention to support)
[2008] UKAIT 37 Reported Russia/Russian Federation
Case title: SD (treatment of post-hearing evidence)
[2008] UKAIT 34 Reported Nigeria
Case title: MJ and Others (Art. 12 Reg. 1612/68, self sufficiency?)
[2008] UKAIT 35 Reported India
Case title: DS (S 88: meaning of "a work permit")
[2008] UKAIT 32 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: MA (Disputed Nationality)
[2008] UKAIT 42 Reported Stateless
Case title: KA (statelessness: meaning and relevance)
[2008] UKAIT 31 Reported Serbia
Case title: IS (marriages of convenience)
[2008] UKAIT 30 Reported Gambia
Case title: MC (ss 88: meaning of "a passport")
[2008] UKAIT 38 Reported British Overseas Citizens (BOC)
Case title: TT (Long residence, "continuous residence", interpretation)
[2008] UKAIT 33 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MJ and ZM (Ahmadis, risk)
[2008] UKAIT 29 Reported Somalia
Case title: AA (Language diagnosis: use of interpreters)
[2008] UKAIT 23 Reported Iraq
Case title: KH (Article 15(c) Qualification Directive)
[2008] UKAIT 27 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AA (Spent convictions)
[2008] UKAIT 25 Reported Nigeria
Case title: GO (Right of appeal: ss 89 and 92)
[2008] UKAIT 26 Reported Iraq
Case title: NM (Disability discrimination)
[2008] UKAIT 24 Reported India
Case title: TS (Working Holidaymaker: no third party support)
[2008] UKAIT 28 Reported Kenya
Case title: EN and AN (EEA reg 12: British citizens)
[2008] UKAIT 21 Reported Uganda
Case title: VW and MO (Article 8, insurmountable obstacles)
Displaying Decision 31411 - 31440 of 32612 in total (most recent first)