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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2007] UKAIT 81 Reported Iraq
Case title: KA and others (Public funds: housing)
[2007] UKAIT 83 Reported Pakistan
Case title: SA (Section 82(2)(d): interpretation and effect )
[2007] UKAIT 85 Reported Turkey
Case title: ST (s92(4)(a): meaning of "has made")
[2007] UKAIT 82 Reported Kosovo
Case title: AG and others (Policies; executive discretions; Tribunal's powers)
[2007] UKAIT 76 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: LP (LTTE area, Tamils, Colombo, risk?)
[2007] UKAIT 75 Reported Germany
Case title: AG and others (EEA - jobseeker, self-sufficient person - proof)
[2007] UKAIT 79 Reported Somalia
Case title: MA (Rule 51(4) , not oral evidence)
[2007] UKAIT 73 Reported Hungary
Case title: GN (EEA Regulations: Five years' residence)
[2007] UKAIT 70 Reported Nigeria
Case title: CO (EEA Regulations: family permit)
[2007] UKAIT 95 Reported Sudan
Case title: YH (Funding, regulation 8, excluding costs)
[2007] UKAIT 69 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: VS (Para 317(iii) – no 3rd party support)
[2008] UKAIT 68 Reported Turkey
Case title: KH (Funding, RS followed)
[2007] UKAIT 68 Reported Pakistan
Case title: SM (Paragraph 60(v): "passing" and "relevant")
[2007] UKAIT 72 Reported Iran
Case title: LS (Mut'a or sighe)
[2007] UKAIT 74 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: AK (Citizens Directive; AP and FP applied)
[2007] UKAIT 65 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: AD (Qualification Directive, Family member)
[2007] UKAIT 71 Reported Malawi
Case title: IM (Sufficiency of protection)
[2007] UKAIT 67 Reported South Africa
Case title: MG ('Degree level' study)
[2007] UKAIT 84 Reported Eritrea
Case title: FS (Service of determination)
[2007] UKAIT 61 Reported Mauritius
Case title: ML (student; "satisfactory progress", Zhou explained)
[2007] UKAIT 64 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: KA (WHM, maximum 12 months work)
[2007] UKAIT 62 Reported Turkey
Case title: EO (Deportation appeals, scope and process)
[2007] UKAIT 66 Reported Algeria
Case title: RD (Cessation, burden of proof, procedure)
[2007] UKAIT 60 Reported Sudan
Case title: FM (FGM)
[2007] UKAIT 59 Reported Eritrea
Case title: MA (Draft evaders, illegal departures, risk)
[2007] UKAIT 55 Reported Colombia
Case title: BM and AL (352D(iv), meaning of “family unit”)
[2007] UKAIT 48 Reported India
Case title: AP and FP (Citizens Directive Article 3(2), discretion, dependance)
[2007] UKAIT 49 Reported Algeria
Case title: FD (EEA discretion, basis of appeal)
[2007] UKAIT 52 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MI (Paragraph 298(iii), independant life)
[2007] UKAIT 53 Reported Nigeria
Case title: BO (Domestic worker, connection with sponsor)
Displaying Decision 31741 - 31770 of 32875 in total (most recent first)