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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2007] UKAIT 57 Reported Nigeria
Case title: MO (Date of decision, applicable rules)
[2007] UKAIT 22 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AP (Withdrawals, nullity assessment)
[2007] UKAIT 18 Reported Jamaica
Case title: AB (Protection, criminal gangs, internal relocation)
[2007] UKAIT 34 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: RG (EEA Regulations , extended family members)
[2007] UKAIT 17 Reported Palestinian Territories
Case title: MA (Palestinian Arabs , Occupied Territories , Risk)
[2007] UKAIT 19 Reported India
Case title: PG and VG (EEA; “direct descendants” includes grandchildren)
[2007] UKAIT 16 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AA (DP3/96 - , Commencement of enforcement action)
[2007] UKAIT 15 Reported India
Case title: MN (Non-recognised adoptions: unlawful discrimination)
[2007] UKAIT 21 Reported China
Case title: SP and Others (Tibetan, Nepalese departure, illegal, risk)
[2007] UKAIT 14 Reported Ghana
Case title: MO (Long residence rule, Public interest proviso)
[2007] UKAIT 20 Reported Nigeria
Case title: TB (EEA national: leave to remain?)
[2007] UKAIT 12 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: SI (Reported cases as evidence)
[2007] UKAIT 11 Reported Pakistan
Case title: TA (Spouse, Requirements for indefinite leave )
[2007] UKAIT 13 Reported Nigeria
Case title: EA (Section 85 (4) explained)
[2007] UKAIT 9 Reported Nigeria
Case title: OA (Entry Clearance Officer: service of documents)
[2007] UKAIT 4 Reported Bulgaria
Case title: MK (Accession, effect on asylum-related appeals)
[2007] UKAIT 7 Reported Burma/Myanmar
Case title: TY (Student, satisfactory progress, "course of study")
[2007] UKAIT 5 Reported India
Case title: KL (Student: IDI "warning" about progress)
[2007] UKAIT 6 Reported Ghana
Case title: SA (Work permit refusal not appealable)
[2007] UKAIT 1 Reported Liberia
Case title: SK (FGM, ethnic groups)
[2007] UKAIT 8 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MW (paragraph 276 , long residence, 'lawful residence')
[2007] UKAIT 10 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: SM and others (Entry clearance -, proportionality)
[2007] UKAIT 3 Reported Nigeria
Case title: SK (Illegal entrant: leave to enter)
[2007] UKAIT 2 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: NM (No retrospective cancellation of leave)
[2006] UKAIT 96 Reported Ireland
Case title: ER and Others (EU national ; self-sufficiency, illegal employment)
[2006] UKAIT 92 Reported Iraq
Case title: HM (Policy concessions not Convention recognition)
[2006] UKAIT 90 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: MA (EU national - self-sufficiency , lawful employment)
[2006] UKAIT 91 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: MB (para 317: in country applications)
[2006] UKAIT 94 Reported Mauritius
Case title: YS and SJ ('Degree level' study)
[2006] UKAIT 95 Reported No Country
Case title: CT and Others (Highly skilled migrant - student switching)
Displaying Decision 31801 - 31830 of 32875 in total (most recent first)