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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2006] UKAIT 77 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: OM (AA(1) wrong in law)
[2006] UKAIT 86 Reported Nigeria
Case title: RP (proof of forgery)
[2006] UKAIT 76 Reported Nepal
Case title: KG (Review of current situation)
[2006] UKAIT 79 Reported Eritrea
Case title: WA (Draft related risks updated, Muslim Women)
[2006] UKAIT 85 Reported British Overseas Citizens (BOC)
Case title: NH (Female BOCs, exceptionality, Art 8, para 317)
[2006] UKAIT 87 Reported Nigeria
Case title: PO (Interests of the state , Article 8)
[2006] UKAIT 81 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: HK (Interviewer as advocate: unfair?)
[2006] UKAIT 75 Reported Brazil
Case title: LD (Article 14, Same-sex relationships)
[2006] UKAIT 82 Reported Mauritius
Case title: IA ('applying policies')
[2006] UKAIT 74 Reported Turkey
Case title: SS and others (Ankara Agreement, No in-country right of appeal)
[2006] UKAIT 64 Reported Jamaica
Case title: RS and FD (Appeals without grounds)
[2006] UKAIT 72 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: KX (Mixed marriages Roma-Albanian, Januzi applied)
[2006] UKAIT 71 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: ES (Ashkaelians, Mixed ashkaelians ethnicity)
[2006] UKAIT 69 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: AK and Others (Long-term third party support)
[2006] UKAIT 67 Reported India
Case title: SK (Proof of indirect racial discrimination)
[2006] UKAIT 65 Reported Pakistan
Case title: KA and Others (Adequacy of maintenance)
[2006] UKAIT 68 Reported India
Case title: SK ("Adoption" not recognised in UK)
[2006] UKAIT 70 Reported Palestinian Territories
Case title: WK (Article 8, Expulsion cases, Review of case-law)
[2006] UKAIT 63 Reported Serbia
Case title: HH (Sponsor as representative)
[2006] UKAIT 62 Reported Sudan
Case title: HGMO (Relocation to Khartoum)
[2006] UKAIT 61 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: AA (Risk for involuntary returnees)
[2006] UKAIT 66 Reported Nigeria
Case title: OA (Prisoner, Not a qualified worker)
[2006] UKAIT 60 Reported Iraq
Case title: LM (Educated women, Chaldo-assyrians, Risk)
[2006] UKAIT 57 Reported Jamaica
Case title: JS (Victims of gang violence, Sufficiency of protection)
[2006] UKAIT 73 Reported Somalia
Case title: MA (Galgale, Sab clan)
[2006] UKAIT 58 Reported India
Case title: JL (Domestic Violence: evidence and procedure)
[2006] UKAIT 59 Reported France
Case title: GM and AM (EU national, Self-sufficiency)
[2006] UKAIT 52 Reported Somalia
Case title: AS and AA (Effect of previous linked determination)
[2006] UKAIT 55 Reported Nigeria
Case title: OE and NK (No hearing; compliance with Rules)
[2006] UKAIT 56 Reported Ukraine
Case title: ES (Deportation pending on 2nd October 2000)
Displaying Decision 23611 - 23640 of 24649 in total (most recent first)