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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2005] UKAIT 176 Reported Turkey
Case title: HA (Case citation: details required)
[2006] UKAIT 2 Reported Somalia
Case title: HY (Yibir, YS and HA Applied)
[2005] UKAIT 175 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: LB (Medical Treatment of "finite" duration)
[2005] UKAIT 173 Reported Angola
Case title: JF (Article 8: inconsistency, family members)
[2005] UKAIT 174 Reported Turkey
Case title: BK and Others (Spouses: Marriage, Meaning of 'subsisting')
[2005] UKAIT 169 Reported Pakistan
Case title: HS (Long Residence, Effect of IDI September 2004)
[2005] UKAIT 168 Reported Jamaica
Case title: DW (Homosexual Men, Persecution, Sufficiency of Protection)
[2005] UKAIT 165 Reported Eritrea
Case title: KA (Draft-Related Risk Categories Updated)
[2005] UKAIT 161 Reported Saudi Arabia
Case title: MA (Statelessness, Removal, KF applied)
[2005] UKAIT 167 Reported Somalia
Case title: SS (Jursdiction - Rule 62(7), Refugee's Family, Policy)
[2005] UKAIT 163 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: MM (Delay, Reasonable Period, Akaeke, Strbac)
[2005] UKAIT 162 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: MM (DRC, State Persecution)
[2005] UKAIT 171 Reported Pakistan
Case title: KS (allegations by respondent, proof required)
[2005] UKAIT 160 Reported Iran
Case title: SV (Alleging misconduct and suppressing evidence)
[2005] UKAIT 159 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: LK (AA Applied)
[2005] UKAIT 157 Reported China
Case title: YZ and LX (Effect Of Section 85(4), 2002 Act)
[2005] UKAIT 158 Reported Eritrea
Case title: MY (Country Guidance Cases, No Fresh Evidence)
[2005] UKAIT 166 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: GD (Funding Orders, Restrictions, 2005 Regulations)
[2005] UKAIT 172 Reported Burundi
Case title: AS (Kirundi/Buyenzi, "Country expert" Evidence)
[2005] UKAIT 154 Reported Iran
Case title: AH (Returning Students, Validation of UK Qualifications, Gozinesh)
[2005] UKAIT 153 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: GB (Evidence Not Probative Is Irrelevant)
[2005] UKAIT 170 Reported Jamaica
Case title: WR (Student, Regular Attendance, Maximum Period)
[2005] UKAIT 152 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: TN, SK and MN (BDK Members, Not At Risk)
[2005] UKAIT 151 Reported Liberia
Case title: AS (Rule 30.1: When Reply Required)
[2005] UKAIT 149 Reported Sudan
Case title: MA (Operational Guidance, Prison Conditions, Significance)
[2005] UKAIT 148 Reported Turkey
Case title: DE (Suicide, Psychiatric Treatment, J Applied)
[2005] UKAIT 147 Reported Azerbaijan
Case title: GM (Senior members of the Democratic Party and their families at risk)
[2005] UKAIT 146 Reported Cameroon
Case title: EN (Abandonment, First Decision Nullity, Devaseelan Applied)
[2005] UKAIT 145 Reported Turkey
Case title: EB (No funding order, First Stage Reconsideration)
[2005] UKAIT 144 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: AA (Involuntary returns to Zimbabwe)
Displaying Decision 24781 - 24810 of 25735 in total (most recent first)