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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2005] UKAIT 114 Reported Sudan
Case title: LM (Relocation, Khartoum, AE reaffirmed)
[2005] UKAIT 113 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: MG (Assessing interference with private life)
[2005] UKIAT 112 Reported United States of America
Case title: Moon (Human rights, Entry clearance, Proportionality)
[2005] UKIAT 111 Reported Iraq
Case title: SM, AH, SI (Kurds, Protection, Relocation)
[2005] UKAIT 102 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: JT (Tutsi, Failed asylum seekers, Evidence)
[2005] UKAIT 142 Reported Romania
Case title: GC (Legitimate Expectation, Entry Clearance)
[2005] UKIAT 110 Reported Jamaica
Case title: CW (Deportation, Huang, Proportionality)
[2005] UKIAT 109 Reported Iran
Case title: KF (Removal directions, Statelessness)
[2005] UKAIT 107 Reported Somalia
Case title: AM (Begedi, Members generally at risk)
[2005] UKAIT 108 Reported Ghana
Case title: EA (Family visitor, Directions, Mistake of fact, Unfairness)
[2005] UKIAT 106 Reported Eritrea
Case title: IN (Draft evaders, Evidence of risk)
[2005] UKIAT 104 Reported Palestinian Territories
Case title: AA (Exclusion clause)
[2005] UKIAT 103 Reported Jamaica
Case title: CM (Deportation, Article 8)
[2005] UKIAT 100 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: SM and Others (MDC, Internal flight, Risk categories)
[2005] UKIAT 99 Reported China
Case title: LJ (Prison conditions-no risk)
[2005] UKIAT 97 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: AN (Only loser can appeal)
[2005] UKIAT 96 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: ZN (Warlords, CIPU list not comprehensive)
[2005] UKAIT 101 Reported Sudan
Case title: AE (Relocation, Darfur, Khartoum an option)
[2005] UKIAT 93 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: XS (Adjudicator's conduct, Psychiatric report)
[2005] UKIAT 92 Reported Croatia
Case title: MB (Huang, Proportionality, Bulletins)
[2005] UKIAT 90 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MA (Seven year child concession)
[2005] UKIAT 91 Reported Iraq
Case title: RA (Iraq, Christians)
[2005] UKIAT 89 Reported Somalia
Case title: DJ (Bantu, Not generally at risk)
[2005] UKIAT 88 Reported Somalia
Case title: YS and HA (Midgan, Not generally at risk)
[2005] UKAIT 105 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: AA (3rd party maintenance R297 (v))
[2005] UKIAT 86 Reported Romania
Case title: MP (Trafficking, Sufficiency of protection)
[2005] UKIAT 87 Reported Armenia
Case title: AL (Azeris and mixed marriages)
[2005] UKIAT 82 Reported India
Case title: PB RR UR (Goa, EEA discretionary permit, Interpretation)
[2005] UKIAT 84 Reported Algeria
Case title: AA (Mental health)
[2005] UKIAT 95 Reported Ukraine
Case title: IB (Propiska, Update and corruption)
Displaying Decision 26581 - 26610 of 27474 in total (most recent first)