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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2004] UKIAT 292 Reported Kosovo
Case title: MD (Imprisonment in UK, Article 8)
[2004] UKIAT 294 Reported Russia/Russian Federation
Case title: AK (Russia, Chechnya deserter)
[2004] UKIAT 295 Reported Eritrea
Case title: SE (Deportation, Malta, 2002, General risk)
[2004] UKIAT 289 Reported Rwanda
Case title: AG (Returnees, Deserters, Prison conditions)
[2004] UKIAT 297 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: PS (LTTE, Internal flight, Sufficiency of protection)
[2004] UKIAT 287 Reported India
Case title: MS (Adjournment refused)
[2004] UKIAT 284 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: AF ("Warlords/commanders", Evidence expected)
[2004] UKIAT 296 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: MD (Internal flight, Point of return)
[2004] UKIAT 336 Reported Sudan
Case title: MA (Ba'ath party, Ill-treament by authorities)
[2004] UKIAT 286 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: RV (Hindu, Kabul, ECRE guidelines)
[2004] UKIAT 285 Reported Burma/Myanmar
Case title: TW (Risk on return, Unauthorised departure)
[2004] UKIAT 339 Reported Uganda
Case title: RB (Credibility, Objective evidence)
[2004] UKIAT 340 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: WM (MDC - low level member, Credibility)
[2004] UKIAT 279 Reported Iraq
Case title: SM (Credibility issues, Absence of appellant)
[2004] UKIAT 281 Reported Somalia
Case title: AE (Bimaal clan, Sufficiency of protection)
[2004] UKIAT 282 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: SK (Guidance on application of Devaseelan)
[2004] UKIAT 280 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: WK (Credibility, Hizb-i-Islami, Pashtuns, Kabul)
[2004] UKIAT 338 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: B (Risk on return, Country conditions)
[2004] UKIAT 276 Reported Somalia
Case title: AM (Inability to make entry clearance application)
[2004] UKIAT 277 Reported Nigeria
Case title: WO (Ogboni cult)
[2004] UKIAT 278 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: RS (Hezbe Islami, Expert evidence)
[2004] UKIAT 274 Reported Romania
Case title: SS (Sufficiency of protection, Roma, Evidence)
[2004] UKIAT 275 Reported Cameroon
Case title: CN (Internal flight alternate, Female minor)
[2004] UKIAT 337 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: VK (Risk on return, Rwandan heritage)
[2004] UKIAT 272 Reported Somalia
Case title: SH (Rahanweyn not a minority clan)
[2004] UKIAT 273 Reported Iraq
Case title: AR (Articles 2 and 3, Removals policy)
[2004] UKIAT 317 Reported Iran
Case title: JG (Al-Hagh, Fresh evidence at hearing)
[2004] UKIAT 269 Reported Croatia
Case title: AP (Roma)
[2004] UKIAT 270 Reported Somalia
Case title: AN (Tunni Torre)
[2004] UKIAT 271 Reported Somalia
Case title: KS (Minority clans, Bajuni, Ability to speak Kibajuni)
Displaying Decision 28411 - 28440 of 29149 in total (most recent first)