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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2003] UKIAT 156 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: A (Macedonian ethnic group, Persecution)
[2003] UKIAT 193 Reported Algeria
Case title: TS (Removal, Powers of adjudicators)
[2003] UKIAT 192 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MB (Removal directions to wrong destination)
[2003] UKIAT 155 Reported Azerbaijan
Case title: AG (Article 8, Approach)
[2003] UKIAT 154 Reported Iran
Case title: SA (Separation from children)
[2003] UKIAT 153 Reported Croatia
Case title: DK (Return, Ethnic Serb, Upheld SK, Accommodation)
[2003] UKIAT 191 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: NH (Rule 45, No substantive consideration)
[2003] UKIAT 150 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: SN (Scarring, Bribes, LTTE, Reprisals)
[2003] UKIAT 152 Reported Jamaica
Case title: DF (Article 8, Proportionality, Consideration of relevant factors)
[2003] UKIAT 151 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: RJ (Article 8, Proportionality, Inability to comply)
[2004] UKIAT 11 Reported Moldova
Case title: PH (Sufficency of Protection, Mafia)
[2003] UKIAT 149 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: RA (Article 8, Family life, Proportionality, Contact)
[2004] UKIAT 313 Reported Iran
Case title: MM (FMA, Low level, Risk, Evidence)
[2003] UKIAT 147 Reported Somalia
Case title: FJ (Risk, Return, Tuni)
[2003] UKIAT 148 Reported Iraq
Case title: NA (Oleed, Proper ambit)
[2003] UKIAT 144 Reported India
Case title: BB (Article 8, Application of Ekincin)
[2003] UKIAT 143 Reported Somalia
Case title: ZA (Exclusion of evidence, Lost record of proceedings)
[2003] UKIAT 142 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: JP (Maintenance, Detention records)
[2003] UKIAT 146 Reported Iraq
Case title: SS (Internal Flight, Risk at date of hearing)
[2003] UKIAT 145 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: YP (Maintenance, Detention records)
[2003] UKIAT 190 Reported Lithuania
Case title: OS (EU Accession, Appeal rights)
[2003] UKIAT 189 Reported Latvia
Case title: TA (Homosexuality, Family life, Immigration rules)
[2003] UKIAT 140 Reported Algeria
Case title: AN (GIA, Return)
[2003] UKIAT 139 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: RB (Hindu, No risk on return to Afghanistan)
[2003] UKIAT 138 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: HH (Adjudicator reasoning, Risk on return)
[2003] UKIAT 137 Reported Ecuador
Case title: GS (Article 8, Private life, Edore and Razgar)
[2003] UKIAT 136 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: AK (Risk, UDPS)
[2003] UKIAT 135 Reported Burma/Myanmar
Case title: AS (Risk as failed asylum seeker, Expert evidence)
[2003] UKIAT 134 Reported Bhutan
Case title: SS (Bhutanese citizenship, Objective evidence)
[2003] UKIAT 141 Reported Georgia
Case title: ZK (ABCD not to be followed)
Displaying Decision 28741 - 28770 of 29149 in total (most recent first)