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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2009] UKAIT 25 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: NA and Others (Tier 1 Post-Study Work, funds)
[2009] UKAIT 23 Reported Algeria
Case title: AF (Terrorist Suspects, HS (Algeria) confirmed)
[2009] UKAIT 24 Reported Italy
Case title: LG and CC (EEA Regs: residence; imprisonment; removal)
[2009] UKAIT 22 Reported India
Case title: KAN (Post-Study Work, degree award required)
[2009] UKAIT 20 Reported Bulgaria
Case title: SH (A2 nationals, worker authorisation exemption)
[2009] UKAIT 18 Reported Somalia
Case title: HA (Conduct of hearing: evidence required)
[2009] UKAIT 17 Reported Burma/Myanmar
Case title: TL and Others (sur place activities, risk)
[2009] UKAIT 19 Reported Pakistan
Case title: LA (para 289A: causes of breakdown)
[2009] UKAIT 21 Reported Pakistan
Case title: SD (Para 320: findings desirable)
[2009] UKAIT 15 Reported India
Case title: YS (Paragraph 57(iv): "external student")
[2009] UKAIT 11 Reported Kosovo
Case title: SI (mixed Serb/Roma parentage)
[2009] UKAIT 16 Reported Pakistan
Case title: NC (bare talaq, Indian Muslims, recognition)
[2009] UKAIT 13 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MD (Judge's knowledge, standard of English)
[2009] UKAIT 12 Reported Eritrea
Case title: IH (s.72, 'Particularly Serious Crime')
[2009] UKAIT 14 Reported Thailand
Case title: WW (EEA Regs, civil partnership)
[2009] UKAIT 10 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: GS (Existence of internal armed conflict)
[2009] UKAIT 7 Reported Malaysia
Case title: SS and Others (Sovereign immunity claim, Certificate conclusive)
[2009] UKAIT 8 Reported Somalia
Case title: AM (Section 88 (2): “Immigration Document”)
[2009] UKAIT 6 Reported Syria
Case title: SA and IA (Undocumented Kurds)
[2008] UKAIT 91 Reported Somalia
Case title: AM and AM (Armed conflict: risk categories)
[2009] UKAIT 4 Reported Somalia
Case title: FS (Treatment of Expert evidence)
[2009] UKAIT 9 Reported Ghana
Case title: NA (Customary marriage and divorce , evidence)
[2009] UKAIT 1 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: AJ (Risk to Homosexuals)
[2009] UKAIT 2 Reported Ghana
Case title: AM (ss 88(2): restriction on grounds)
[2009] UKAIT 5 Reported Russia/Russian Federation
Case title: OY (Chechen Muslim women)
[2009] UKAIT 3 Reported Belarus
Case title: YT (HC 395 paragraph 44, extension of stay)
[2008] UKAIT 94 Reported Iraq
Case title: SI (expert evidence, Kurd, SM confirmed)
[2008] UKAIT 93 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: YS and YY (Paragraph 352D, British national sponsor former refugee)
[2009] UKAIT 40 Reported Pakistan
Case title: ZB and HB (Validity and recognition of marriage)
[2008] UKAIT 90 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: FB (Lone women, PSG, internal relocation, AA (Uganda) considered)
Displaying Decision 38851 - 38880 of 40119 in total (most recent first)