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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
DA/00878/2013 Unreported
AA/05848/2014 Unreported
AA/05321/2009 Unreported
AA/03331/2014 Unreported
[2015] UKUT 42 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: Bossadi (paragraph 276ADE; suitability; ties)
IA/52385/2013 Unreported
IA/47646/2014 Unreported
IA/41536/2013 Unreported
IA/40510/2013 Unreported
IA/37769/2013 Unreported
IA/27963/2013 Unreported
IA/27647/2014 Unreported
IA/26055/2014 Unreported
IA/23538/2014 & ors Unreported
IA/15779/2014 Unreported
IA/12900/2013 Unreported
IA/11495/2014 Unreported
IA/08344/2014 Unreported
IA/07201/2014 Unreported
IA/01546/2014 Unreported
DA/00746/2014 Unreported
DA/00624/2014 Unreported
DA/00512/2014 & DA/00511/2014 Unreported
DA/00368/2014 Unreported
AA/07626/2013 Unreported
[2015] UKFTT 59 Reported Peru
Case title: Cancino (costs – First-tier Tribunal – new powers)
[2015] UKUT 58 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of Mehmood Ahmed Raja) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (IJR)
VA/17734/2013 Unreported
VA/17183/2013 Unreported
VA/16337/2013 Unreported
Displaying Decision 13441 - 13470 of 20985 in total (most recent first)