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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2008] UKAIT 89 Reported Mauritius
Case title: BE (Application fee: effect of non-payment)
[2008] UKAIT 80 Reported Brazil
Case title: CB (Validity of marriage: proxy marriage)
[2008] UKAIT 75 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: SM (Metock; extended family members)
[2008] UKAIT 71 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: NA (risk categories, Hema)
[2008] UKAIT 78 Reported Lebanon
Case title: SD (expert evidence)
[2008] UKAIT 73 Reported Nigeria
Case title: AO (internet evidence; disputed documents)
[2008] UKAIT 74 Reported Colombia
Case title: OP (EEA; permanent right of residence)
[2008] UKAIT 69 Reported Algeria
Case title: HB (EEA right to reside, Metock)
[2008] UKAIT 64 Reported Congo Brazzaville
Case title: LM (Risks on return)
[2008] UKAIT 85 Reported Philippines
Case title: JF (Domestic Servant)
[2008] UKAIT 72 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AW (Duties of Immigration Judge)
[2008] UKAIT 66 Reported Turkey
Case title: FS (Breach of conditions: Ankara agreement)
[2008] UKAIT 67 Reported Nigeria
Case title: RU (Immigration Judge: treatment of evidence)
[2008] UKAIT 77 Reported Poland
Case title: JT (Polish workers, time spent in UK)
[2008] UKAIT 59 Reported India
Case title: JB and Others (children of former British Overseas citizens, limits of NH)
[2008] UKAIT 60 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: DD (paragraph 159A: connection/employment)
[2008] UKAIT 58 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: PD (Grounds, implied variation, section 86(3))
[2008] UKAIT 62 Reported Ivory Coast
Case title: YB (EEA reg 17(4), proper approach)
[2008] UKAIT 63 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: AN and SS (Tamils, Colombo, risk?)
[2009] UKAIT 26 Reported Malaysia
Case title: AL and Others (Malaysia BOCs)
[2008] UKAIT 52 Reported Sudan
Case title: KA (EEA: family permit, admission)
[2008] UKAIT 57 Reported Nigeria
Case title: OG (Student, thesis, term time employment)
[2008] UKAIT 61 Reported Iraq
Case title: MO (reg 17(4) EEA Regs)
[2008] UKAIT 54 Reported Algeria
Case title: SA (Article 8, burden of proof)
[2008] UKAIT 56 Reported Japan
Case title: AO (unreported determinations are not precedents)
[2008] UKAIT 65 Reported Uganda
Case title: JM (homosexuality: risk)
[2008] UKAIT 51 Reported Iraq
Case title: HH (Criminal record, deportation: "war zone")
[2008] UKAIT 49 Reported Kenya
Case title: VM (FGM, risks, Mungiki, Kikuyu/Gikuyu)
[2008] UKAIT 47 Reported Lebanon
Case title: WD (Lebanon, Palestinian, risk)
[2008] UKAIT 53 Reported Pakistan
Case title: SB (family visit appeal: brother-in-law?)
Displaying Decision 25591 - 25620 of 26819 in total (most recent first)