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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
OA/16451/2012 Unreported
IA/06935/2013 Unreported
[2013] UKUT 465 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Naeem (Para 120A of Appendix A)
IA/04321/2013 Unreported
IA/00188/2013 Unreported
IA/02552/2013 & IA/02555/2013 Unreported
VA/07430/2012 Unreported
DA/00203/2013 Unreported
IA/01782/2013 Unreported
DA/00110/2013 Unreported
AA/00993/2013 Unreported
VA/24216/2012 Unreported
AA/04237/2013 Unreported
[2013] UKUT 439 Reported Albania
Case title: Deliallisi (British citizen: deprivation appeal: Scope)
[2013] UKUT 464 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of Samir Boukhatem) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (FCJR)
[2013] UKUT 568 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: JS (Former unaccompanied child – durable solution)
OA/20879/2012 Unreported
AA/02058/2013 & ors Unreported
OA/16421/2012 Unreported
OA/18233/2012 Unreported
IA/02596/2013 Unreported
DA/00425/2012 Unreported
OA/17553/2012 Unreported
IA/22137/2012 & IA/22143/2012 Unreported
DA/01016/2012 Unreported
IA/03092/2013 Unreported
IA/18503/2012 Unreported
OA/06482/2012 & OA/06478/2012 Unreported
IA/20795/2012 Unreported
IA/20115/2012 Unreported
Displaying Decision 25591 - 25620 of 27894 in total (most recent first)