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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2005] UKIAT 47 Reported Eritrea
Case title: FA (Eritrea, Nationality)
[2005] UKIAT 39 Reported Syria
Case title: SY (Kurd, No political profile)
[2005] UKIAT 38 Reported Morocco
Case title: DR (ECO: post-decision evidence)
[2005] UKIAT 37 Reported Somalia
Case title: SW (Adjudicator's questions)
[2005] UKIAT 36 Reported Haiti
Case title: SB (Cessation and exclusion)
[2005] UKIAT 156 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: SH (Assessment Of Age)
[2005] UKIAT 35 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: AR (Christians, Risk in Kabul)
[2005] UKIAT 34 Reported Iraq
Case title: WD (Article 3, Not undue harshness)
[2005] UKIAT 33 Reported Pakistan
Case title: KK (Ahmadi, Unexceptional, Risk on return)
[2005] UKIAT 42 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: LW (Cancellation refugee status: UNHCR Note)
[2005] UKIAT 32 Reported Iran
Case title: SZ (Pocket money from sponsor, Fact-Specific)
[2005] UKIAT 31 Reported Algeria
Case title: SG (Article 3, Military service, Detention)
[2005] UKIAT 30 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: JC (SS.82 & 83, Rights of appeal)
[2005] UKIAT 29 Reported Jamaica
Case title: YB (Allegations againt adjudicator, Presidential note)
[2005] UKIAT 94 Reported Jordan
Case title: NA (Palestinians, Not at general risk)
[2005] UKIAT 46 Reported Palestinian Territories
Case title: AB & others (Risk, Return, Israel check points)
[2005] UKIAT 27 Reported Lebanon
Case title: MM (Certificate & Remittal, Jurisdiction)
[2005] UKIAT 26 Reported Nigeria
Case title: OA and OA (Intention to co-habit: "intervening devotion")
[2005] UKIAT 25 Reported Bhutan
Case title: SG (Stateless Nepalese: Refugee?, Removal Directions)
[2005] UKIAT 24 Reported Nigeria
Case title: TG (Considering policies)
[2005] UKIAT 23 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: SK (Roma in Kosovo, Update)
[2005] UKIAT 21 Reported Kenya
Case title: MN (Findings on sexuality)
[2005] UKIAT 22 Reported Iraq
Case title: MA (Iraq, Fayli-kurds)
[2005] UKIAT 19 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: MM (DRC, Plausibility)
[2005] UKIAT 44 Reported Pakistan
Case title: TM (Views of ECO, Weight Attached)
[2005] UKIAT 48 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: ST (Minor, Age dispute)
[2005] UKIAT 45 Reported Iraq
Case title: JA (Ethnic Palestinian, Iraq, Objective Evidence)
[2005] UKIAT 18 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AK and SA (Carers concession, Indefinite leave sought)
[2005] UKIAT 40 Reported Somalia
Case title: HM (Somali women, Particular social group)
[2005] UKIAT 28 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: SA (Absence of party, Late Evidence)
Displaying Decision 28321 - 28350 of 29149 in total (most recent first)