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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
HU/03483/2020 Unreported
[2022] UKUT 00133 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of Ashrafuzzaman) v Entry Clearance Officer (precedent fact, general grounds refusal)
HU/20583/2019 Unreported
HU/16849/2019 Unreported
HU/03744/2020 & Ors. Unreported
DA/00136/2018 Unreported
PA/12929/2018 Unreported
PA/11710/2019 Unreported
PA/06201/2019 Unreported
PA/03395/2020 Unreported
PA/01369/2020 Unreported
PA/00229/2020 Unreported
HU/11448/2019 Unreported
HU/09912/2019 Unreported
HU/08010/2020 Unreported
HU/03843/2020 Unreported
HU/00598/2021 Unreported
EA/07048/2019 & EA/07049/2019 Unreported
EA/06288/2019 & Ors. Unreported
DA/00524/2019 Unreported
DA/00348/2019 Unreported
PA/11583/2019 Unreported
PA/11472/2019 Unreported
PA/10218/2018 Unreported
PA/04125/2020 Unreported
PA/02580/2017 Unreported
PA/02287/2020 Unreported
PA/02124/2020 Unreported
PA/01831/2020 & Ors. Unreported
LP/00186/2021 Unreported
Displaying Decision 91 - 120 of 37150 in total (most recent first)