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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2002] UKIAT 5237 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: AE FE (PTSD, Internal relocation)
[2002] UKIAT 5185 Reported Kenya
Case title: Hamza (Disputed Nationality, Removal Directions, Section 66(2) 1999 Act)
[2002] UKIAT 5176 Reported Algeria
Case title: SE (Objective evidence)
[2002] UKIAT 5099 Reported Iraq
Case title: DH (Risk, IMIK, KAA)
[2002] UKIAT 5039 Reported Eritrea
Case title: FA (Risk, ELF-RC, Activity)
[2002] UKIAT 4937 Reported China
Case title: TT (Risk, Return, Snakeheads)
[2002] UKIAT 4912 Reported India
Case title: HS (Return, Failed asylum seeker)
[2002] UKIAT 4883 Reported Turkey
Case title: ST (Dev Sol)
[2002] UKIAT 4849 Reported Sudan
Case title: TM (Persecution, Christians, Individual, General)
[2002] UKIAT 4874 Reported India
Case title: WF (Internal relocation, Christian)
[2002] UKIAT 4870 Reported Nepal
Case title: Gurung (Exclusion, Risk, Maoists)
[2002] UKIAT 4720 Reported Nigeria
Case title: PI (Relocation, Osu - Igbo, Christian)
[2002] UKIAT 4714 Reported India
Case title: LS (Internal relocation, Sikh separatists)
[2002] UKIAT 4664 Reported Algeria
Case title: NO (Journalists)
[2002] UKIAT 4608 Reported Kosovo
Case title: FC (Article 3, Medical facilities, Psychiatric)
[2002] UKIAT 4605 Reported Sudan
Case title: GA (Umma, Reconciliation with goverment)
[2002] UKIAT 4459 Reported Sierra Leone
Case title: HM (Mental health)
[2002] UKIAT 4488 Reported Macedonia
Case title: EN (Roma)
[2002] UKIAT 4431 Reported Colombia
Case title: LV (Internal relocation, FARC)
[2002] UKIAT 4437 Reported Ivory Coast
Case title: DI (IFA, FGM)
[2002] UKIAT 4412 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: Khan (Disputed Nationality, Removal Directions)
[2002] UKIAT 4408 Reported Pakistan
Case title: NL (Mental illness, Support for family)
[2002] UKIAT 4404 Reported Nigeria
Case title: CO (Sufficency of protection, Internal relocation)
[2002] UKIAT 4334 Reported Nepal
Case title: LG (Maoist, Ex-military)
[2002] UKIAT 4230 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: IS (Risk, Conviction, Fine paid, Release)
[2002] UKIAT 4269 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: PR (Medical facilities)
[2002] UKIAT 4279 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: DA (Risk, Return, Reporting restrictions)
[2002] UKIAT 4284 Reported Nepal
Case title: DG (Journalist, Healthcare)
[2002] UKIAT 4232 Reported Algeria
Case title: RM (Military service, RCD-FIS)
[2002] UKIAT 4254 Reported Kosovo
Case title: BS (IFA, Mixed ethnicity)
Displaying Decision 38581 - 38610 of 38721 in total (most recent first)