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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2003] UKIAT 104 Reported Lebanon
Case title: FB (Removal directions, Section 69(1) appeal)
[2003] UKIAT 103 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: MA (Transfer of proceedings, Evidence part heard)
[2003] UKIAT 102 Reported Kenya
Case title: EN (Article 8, Nhundu and Chiwera, Proportionality not relevant)
[2003] UKIAT 116 Reported Turkey
Case title: MK (Proportionality, Application of Edore)
[2003] UKIAT 115 Reported Somalia
Case title: FE (Risk, Minority group, Yemeni background)
[2003] UKIAT 100 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: GY (Adjudicator response to interpreter problems)
[2003] UKIAT 101 Reported Iraq
Case title: IM (Risk, PUK/KDP, Cessation of conflict, Traitor)
[2003] UKIAT 184 Reported Nepal
Case title: NG (Gurkas, Naturalisation, Human rights)
[2003] UKIAT 181 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: AG (Kosovo, Rape victims, Psychiatric treatment)
[2003] UKIAT 180 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: HD (Kosovo, Psychiatric treatment)
[2003] UKIAT 99 Reported Poland
Case title: OA (Adjournment, Non appearance of claimant, Ill health)
[2003] UKIAT 97 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: MG (Kosovo, Rape victims, Prejudice)
[2003] UKIAT 98 Reported India
Case title: MS (Sikh, Suspected militant, Internal relocation)
[2003] UKIAT 96 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: VK (Risk, Release, Escapes, LTTE)
[2003] UKIAT 95 Reported Iran
Case title: HA (Article 3, Refugee, Adultery, Punishment)
[2003] UKIAT 93 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: SR (Article 8, Return, Family life, Proportionality, Spouse - ELR)
[2003] UKIAT 92 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: L (Risk, Kabul, Women)
[2003] UKIAT 198 Reported Pakistan
Case title: AA (Ahmadi, Preaching)
[2003] UKIAT 90 Reported Poland
Case title: DJ (Abandonment, Voluntary return)
[2003] UKIAT 94 Reported Somalia
Case title: SA & Others (Minority group, Swahili speakers)
[2003] UKIAT 89 Reported Algeria
Case title: MM (Djebari decision, Evidence)
[2003] UKIAT 88 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: AS (Sufficiency of protection, Kabul)
[2003] UKIAT 87 Reported Iran
Case title: AD (Adjudicator, Restrictions on cross-examination)
[2003] UKIAT 86 Reported Zimbabwe
Case title: RN (Credibility, Background material)
[2003] UKIAT 83 Reported Jamaica
Case title: MA (Home office policy, Abdi, s.65 Appeal)
[2003] UKIAT 84 Reported Algeria
Case title: BM (Procedure rules, Rule 59, Adjudicator determination)
[2003] UKIAT 85 Reported Somalia
Case title: ZL (Abandonment)
[2004] UKIAT 70 Reported Turkey
Case title: MG (Fast track, Accuracy of country material)
[2003] UKIAT 82 Reported Georgia
Case title: IS (Adjudicator, Approach to medical evidence)
[2003] UKIAT 182 Reported Iran
Case title: AS (Christian apostates, Evidence)
Displaying Decision 40501 - 40530 of 40848 in total (most recent first)