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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
UI-2023-004623 Unreported
UI-2024-000565 Unreported
UI-2024-000887 & UI-2024-001066 Unreported
[2024] UKUT 00144 Reported Albania
Case title: Onuzi (good character requirement: Sleiman considered)
UI-2022-002624 & Ors Unreported
UI-2022-003051 Unreported
UI-2022-003426 Unreported
UI-2022-003613 Unreported
UI-2022-004428 Unreported
UI-2022-006023 Unreported
UI-2022-006333 Unreported
UI-2022-006409 Unreported
UI-2023-000311 Unreported
UI-2023-004680 & UI-2023-004695 Unreported
UI-2024-000149 Unreported
UI-2024-000454 Unreported
UI-2021-001311 Unreported
UI-2022-003342 Unreported
UI-2023-002608 Unreported
UI-2022-004993 Unreported
UI-2023-004276 & UI-2023-004278 Unreported
UI-2022-005188 Unreported
UI-2023-000843 Unreported
UI-2023-002031 Unreported
UI-2023-003802 Unreported
UI-2023-002290 & UI-2023-002289 Unreported
UI-2023-003619 Unreported
UI-2023-004350 Unreported
UI-2023-005171 & Ors. Unreported
UI-2023-005191 Unreported
Displaying Decision 241 - 270 of 42044 in total (most recent first)