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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
PA/13974/2018 Unreported
PA/12957/2017 Unreported
PA/12213/2018 Unreported
PA/06054/2017 Unreported
PA/04018/2018 Unreported
PA/03912/2019 Unreported
HU/24003/2018 Unreported
HU/05556/2019 Unreported
HU/04012/2018 Unreported
HU/00269/2019 & HU/16350/2018 Unreported
[2020] UKUT 89 Reported Pakistan
Case title: MY (refusal of human rights claim)
[2020] UKUT 88 Reported Ghana
Case title: Nimo (appeals: duty of disclosure)
[2020] UKUT 87 Reported Albania
Case title: Buci (Part 5A: “partner”)
PA/11855/2017 Unreported
PA/08147/2019 Unreported
PA/04485/2019 Unreported
PA/03772/2019 Unreported
PA/02001/2018 Unreported
PA/00521/2016 & Ors. Unreported
HU/01884/2019 Unreported
EA/00602/2019 Unreported
[2020] UKUT 86 Reported Jamaica
Case title: Birch (Precariousness and mistake; new matters)
PA/11122/2017 Unreported
HU/20765/2018 & Ors. Unreported
HU/22903/2016 Unreported
HU/16490/2018 & Ors. Unreported
[2020] UKUT 85 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of Mujahid) v First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) and the Secretary of State for the Home Department (refusal of human rights claim)
JR/02801/2019 Unreported
PA/11464/2018 Unreported
PA/04894/2019 Unreported
Displaying Decision 241 - 270 of 30998 in total (most recent first)