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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2004] UKIAT 95 Reported Jamaica
Case title: GG (HC395 para 317: joint sponsorship)
[2004] UKIAT 94 Reported Philippines
Case title: MF (Immigration, Adoption, Genuine transfer of parental responsibility)
[2004] UKIAT 93 Reported Somalia
Case title: AW (Somalia, Clans, Fair trial)
[2004] UKIAT 92 Reported Pakistan
Case title: HI (Limited Visa Facilities, Insurmountable Obstacle?)
[2004] UKIAT 91 Reported Malaysia
Case title: SS (ECO, Article 8)
[2004] UKIAT 89 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: PK (Sri Lanka, Risk on return, Exclusion clause)
[2004] UKIAT 88 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: HR (Proportionality)
[2004] UKIAT 87 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: SS (Refugee claim)
[2004] UKIAT 229 Reported Turkey
Case title: SA (GBTS Records)
[2004] UKIAT 299 Reported Liberia
Case title: LB (Article 3, Monrovia, Security)
[2004] UKIAT 86 Reported Albania
Case title: ZR (Risk on return, Deterioration of mental state, Medical facilities)
[2004] UKIAT 85 Reported Burma/Myanmar
Case title: AH (Disputed nationality, Risk on return, Rohingya Muslim)
[2004] UKIAT 84 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: RH (Human rights appeal, Risk of removal, Variation of leave)
[2004] UKIAT 83 Reported China
Case title: YL YL SN (Abandonment, Work permit holders' ILR)
[2004] UKIAT 80 Reported Somalia
Case title: A (Benadiri, Findings of Fact, Somaliland)
[2004] UKIAT 82 Reported Russia/Russian Federation
Case title: OK (Russia, Exercise, Article 8)
[2004] UKIAT 81 Reported Kosovo
Case title: FM (IFA, Mixed marriage, Albanian, Ashkaelian)
[2004] UKIAT 79 Reported Albania
Case title: KM (Article 8, Family life)
[2004] UKIAT 78 Reported Serbia and Montenegro
Case title: BR (Article 8, Proportionality, Delay, Shala)
[2004] UKIAT 77 Reported Cameroon
Case title: ME (Effect of directions, ECO investigation)
[2004] UKIAT 74 Reported Ethiopia
Case title: RW (Eritrean, Nationality, Citizenship, Residence)
[2004] UKIAT 73 Reported Somalia
Case title: SN (1999 Act, Article 8)
[2004] UKIAT 72 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: CI-B (Link to Mobutu)
[2004] UKIAT 100 Reported Uganda
Case title: VN (Rebel activity: no background evidence)
[2004] UKIAT 71 Reported Somalia
Case title: IJ (Article 3, Return, Country and individual circumstances)
[2004] UKIAT 69 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: PN (Article 8, Adults, Proportionality, Delay)
[2004] UKIAT 68 Reported Iraq
Case title: ZK (Country expert, Partisan)
[2004] UKIAT 67 Reported Mongolia
Case title: GB (Risk, Return, Detention, Illegal departure)
[2004] UKIAT 66 Reported Turkey
Case title: HG (Conduct of previous solicitor, Procedure)
[2004] UKIAT 63 Reported Kyrgyzstan
Case title: MK (Risk, Political opinion)
Displaying Decision 29281 - 29310 of 29816 in total (most recent first)