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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
HU/02115/2020 Unreported
EA033962020 & EA033992020 Unreported
EA/01003/2021 Unreported
EA/00172/2020 Unreported
PA/01434/2020 Unreported
EA/00519/2020 Unreported
DA/00263/2019 Unreported
[2022] UKUT 00110 Reported Iraq
Case title: SMO and KSP (Civil status documentation, article 15) (CG)
PA/01625/2020 Unreported
IA/00980/2020 Unreported
IA/00660/2021 Unreported
HU/05615/2020 Unreported
DA/00606/2019 Unreported
DA/00005/2021 Unreported
PA/11836/2019 Unreported
PA/01682/2020 Unreported
PA/08817/2019 Unreported
IA/02514/2020 Unreported
HU/03568/2020 Unreported
EA/03205/2019 Unreported
DC/00073/2019 Unreported
HU/17714/2019 Unreported
PA/01079/2019 Unreported
HU/19242/2018 Unreported
HU/12289/2018 Unreported
HU/04771/2020 & HU/04774/2020 Unreported
[2022] UKUT 00125 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: KM (exclusion, Article 1F(a), Article 1F(b))
PA/09675/2019 Unreported
PA/08292/2019 Unreported
PA/06133/2016 Unreported
Displaying Decision 211 - 240 of 37150 in total (most recent first)