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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
IA/11589/2021 Unreported
IA/08928/2021 Unreported
IA/02764/2021 Unreported
IA/02056/2020 Unreported
IA/01776/2021 Unreported
EA/04043/2022 Unreported
[2023] UKUT 00117 Reported Democratic Republic of Congo
Case title: PO (DRC – Post 2018 elections) (CG)
LD/000236/2022 Unreported
IA/01562/2022 & IA/00931/2022 Unreported
IA/00112/2022 & IA/01584/2022 Unreported
HU/02654/2021 Unreported
EA/00800/2022 Unreported
PA/02716/2020 Unreported
IA/17808/2021 Unreported
IA/05448/2021 Unreported
IA/02095/2020 Unreported
IA/01578/2022 Unreported
HU/04219/2021 Unreported
HU/04205/2021 & HU/04206/2021 Unreported
HU/01016/2021 & Ors. Unreported
EA/00919/2022 & EA/00920/2022 Unreported
EA/00192/2022 & EA/04384/2022 Unreported
PA/01445/2020 Unreported
IA/05179/2021 Unreported
IA/02428/2021 Unreported
IA/01634/2020 Unreported
IA/00879/2021 Unreported
HU/20108/2019 & Others Unreported
HU/18147/2019 & HU/18150/2019 Unreported
HU/06370/2020 Unreported
Displaying Decision 211 - 240 of 39285 in total (most recent first)