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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
RP/00114/2016 Unreported
PA/13741/2016 Unreported
PA/13241/2017 Unreported
PA/10074/2018 Unreported
PA/08867/2018 Unreported
PA/08829/2017 Unreported
HU/10671/2017 Unreported
PA/08174/2018 Unreported
PA/08053/2018 Unreported
PA/04830/2018 Unreported
PA/04819/2018 Unreported
PA/04807/2018 & PA/06405/2018 Unreported
PA/04161/2018 Unreported
PA/04136/2018 Unreported
PA/02829/2018 Unreported
PA/02618/2018 Unreported
PA/02502/2018 & PA/02505/2018 Unreported
PA/01263/2018 Unreported
PA/00528/2017 Unreported
PA/00423/2018 Unreported
PA/00029/2016 Unreported
HU/26197/2016 Unreported
HU/20463/2016 Unreported
HU/16353/2017 Unreported
[2019] UKUT 124 Reported N/A
Case title: R (on the application of Hoxha and Others) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (representatives: professional duties)
HU/15309/2016 Unreported
HU/11443/2018 Unreported
[2019] UKUT 123 Reported Iraq
Case title: RA (s.117C: “unduly harsh”; offence: seriousness)
[2019] UKUT 122 Reported Philippines
Case title: MS (s.117C(6): “very compelling circumstances”)
HU/10314/2017 Unreported
Displaying Decision 241 - 270 of 26818 in total (most recent first)