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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2019] UKUT 283 Reported Albania
Case title: Isufaj (PTA decisions/reasons; EEA reg. 37 appeals)
[2019] UKUT 282 Reported Sudan
Case title: AAR & AA (Non-Arab Darfuris – return)
PA/02882/2019 Unreported
HU/17558/2018 Unreported
HU/13834/2018 Unreported
HU/11284/2018 Unreported
HU/04688/2018 & HU/18090/2018 Unreported
[2019] UKUT 281 Reported Afghanistan
Case title: ZA (Reg 9. EEA Regs; abuse of rights)
EA/08967/2016 Unreported
DC/00013/2018 Unreported
DC/00002/2018 Unreported
HU/11445/2018 Unreported
HU/09302/2018 Unreported
HU/04749/2018 Unreported
HU/03081/2018 Unreported
HU/00232/2019 Unreported
PA/13947/2018 Unreported
PA/13769/2018 Unreported
PA/14283/2018 Unreported
PA/10212/2018 Unreported
PA/07823/2018 Unreported
PA/05311/2018 Unreported
PA/04051/2017 Unreported
PA/03487/2019 Unreported
PA/02202/2019 Unreported
PA/01942/2019 Unreported
PA/00894/2018 Unreported
HU/21817/2016 Unreported
HU/15570/2017 & HU/15574/2017 Unreported
EA/14404/2016 Unreported
Displaying Decision 1 - 30 of 28783 in total (most recent first)