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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
JR-2024-LON-000082 & JR-2024-LON-000128 Unreported
JR-2023-LON-001583 Unreported
JR-2023-LON-001584 Unreported
UI-2023-004144 Unreported
UI-2024-000068 Unreported
UI-2023-000902 Unreported
UI-2023-004026 Unreported
UI-2022-003062 Unreported
UI-2023-004357 & UI-2023-004358 Unreported
UI-2022-004163 Unreported
UI-2023-002620 Unreported
UI-2023-005221 & UI-2023-005222 Unreported
JR-2022-LON-001667 Unreported
UI-2024-000426 Unreported
UI-2023-004762 Unreported
UI-2023-001633 & Ors. Unreported
UI-2023-004691 Unreported
UI-2023-001904 Unreported
UI-2024-000285 Unreported
UI-2023-003160 Unreported
UI-2023-005585 Unreported
UI-2023-004038 Unreported
UI-2022-003717 Unreported
UI-2023-001880 Unreported
UI-2024-000273 Unreported
UI-2023-005578 Unreported
UI-2023-004504 Unreported
UI-2023-004929 Unreported
UI-2023-005417 & Ors. Unreported
UI-2022-004718 & UI-2022-004719 Unreported
Displaying Decision 1 - 30 of 41737 in total (most recent first)