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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
JR/04617/2017 Unreported
JR/03706/2019 Unreported
[2020] UKUT 45 Reported India
Case title: Patel (British citizen child – deportation)
[2020] UKUT 44 Reported Ukraine
Case title: OK (PTA; alternative findings)
JR/03432/2019 Unreported
[2020] UKUT 43 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: SD (British citizen children – entry clearance)
JR/02236/2019 Unreported
JR/03571/2019 Unreported
[2020] UKUT 27 Reported Pakistan
Case title: Abbasi (rule 43; para 322(5): accountants’ evidence)
JR/06410/2018 Unreported
JR/01481/2019 Unreported
JR/03818/2019 Unreported
JR/05723/2018 Unreported
[2019] UKUT 400 Reported Iraq
Case title: SMO, KSP & IM (Article 15(c); identity documents)(CG)
[2019] UKUT 412 Reported Bangladesh
Case title: MSU (S.104(4b) notices)
HU/00444/2019 Unreported
PA/06430/2019 Unreported
PA/05389/2019 Unreported
PA/03906/2019 Unreported
PA/02979/2019 Unreported
PA/00789/2019 Unreported
HU/19211/2018 & HU/19213/2018 Unreported
HU/10545/2018 Unreported
HU/09594/2018 Unreported
HU/06179/2017 Unreported
HU/04902/2019 Unreported
PA/06867/2019 Unreported
PA/05355/2019 Unreported
PA/04277/2019 Unreported
IA/00848/2016 Unreported
Displaying Decision 1 - 30 of 30218 in total (most recent first)