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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
[2017] UKUT 295 Reported Vietnam
Case title: TPN (FtT appeals – withdrawal)
[2017] UKFTT 555 Reported Ghana
Case title: Awuah and Others (Wasted Costs Orders – HOPOs – Tribunal Powers)
[2017] UKUT 293 Reported Sri Lanka
Case title: Sivapatham (Appearance of Bias)
[2017] UKUT 331 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of FT) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (“rolling review”; challenging leave granted)
[2017] UKUT 263 Reported Libya
Case title: ZMM (Article 15(c) (CG)
PA/11294/2016 Unreported
PA/08489/2016 Unreported
PA/08011/2016 Unreported
PA/05425/2016 Unreported
PA/05099/2016 Unreported
PA/02265/2016 Unreported
PA/01234/2017 Unreported
OA/05021/2015 & OA051062015 Unreported
IA/32296/2015 Unreported
IA/30633/2015 Unreported
IA/29910/2015 Unreported
IA/29296/2014 & IA/29301/2014 Unreported
IA/24620/2015 Unreported
IA/24491/2015 Unreported
IA/18998/2015 Unreported
IA/18719/2015 Unreported
IA/14577/2015 Unreported
HU/07985/2015 Unreported
HU/00648/2016 Unreported
EA/12230/2016 & EA/12228/2016 Unreported
EA/02514/2015 Unreported
AA/13257/2015 Unreported
AA/11834/2015 Unreported
AA/08674/2015 Unreported
AA/00339/2016 Unreported
Displaying Decision 1 - 30 of 16406 in total (most recent first)