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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
IA/38806/2014 Unreported
IA/38423/2014 Unreported
IA/33686/2014 Unreported
IA/26256/2014 & Ors. Unreported
IA/14396/2014 Unreported
IA/10983/2015 Unreported
IA/04200/2015 Unreported
IA/03102/2015 & IA/01543/2015 Unreported
IA/02885/2015 & Ors. Unreported
DA/00066/2014 & Ors. Unreported
AA/09375/2014 Unreported
AA/08610/2015 Unreported
AA/07557/2015 Unreported
AA/06318/2014 Unreported
AA/06120/2015 & AA/01645/2015 Unreported
AA/02875/2015 Unreported
AA/01495/2015 Unreported
AA/00557/2015 & AA/01332/2015 Unreported
[2016] UKUT 231 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of MK, IK (a child by his litigation friend MK) and HK (a child by her litigation friend MK) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Calais; Dublin Regulation – investigative duty) (IJR)
VA/01204/2015 & VA/01206/2015 Unreported
OA/15237/2014 Unreported
IA/49559/2014 & IA/49560/2014 Unreported
IA/46543/2014 Unreported
IA/45463/2014 Unreported
IA/10400/2015 Unreported
IA/08877/2015 Unreported
IA/04151/2015 Unreported
IA/03738/2015 Unreported
HU/00545/2015 & HU/00546/2015 Unreported
DA/01136/2014 Unreported
Displaying Decision 121 - 150 of 14835 in total (most recent first)