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Reference number Status Promulgation date Country
HU/25771/2016 Unreported
HU/16931/2016 Unreported
HU/14518/2017 Unreported
HU/11248/2017 & Ors. Unreported
HU/10862/2016 Unreported
HU/10254/2017 & Ors. Unreported
HU/09864/2017 Unreported
HU/09067/2017 Unreported
HU/06931/2017 Unreported
HU/06568/2017 Unreported
EA/07380/2017 Unreported
EA/07029/2017 Unreported
[2018] UKUT 429 Reported Not applicable
Case title: R (on the application of SM & Others) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Dublin Regulation – Italy)
PA/12301/2017 Unreported
PA/08763/2017 & PA/08765/2017 Unreported
PA/08617/2018 Unreported
PA/08324/2018 Unreported
PA/07147/2018 Unreported
PA/06693/2017 Unreported
PA/06341/2018 Unreported
PA/04825/2018 Unreported
PA/03240/2018 Unreported
PA/00009/2018 Unreported
HU/17970/2016 Unreported
HU/12802/2017 & HU/12805/2017 Unreported
HU/11586/2017 Unreported
HU/04808/2018 Unreported
HU/02854/2017 & Ors. Unreported
EA/05327/2017 Unreported
EA/03073/2016 Unreported
Displaying Decision 121 - 150 of 25293 in total (most recent first)